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R600p - a mobile Solar and Battery Setup - too for 4x4 rigs / buildups?


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Sep 18, 2012
This week that small and tiny 8.5kg device did arrive. It is not on the market yet - I did go successfully through the risk of crowfunding.

My Plan is to "renew" my Powersolution in my Landcruiser 200, which was my mobile Home during travelling, from Transafrica, Europa till south america

My current setup is classic, 95 AH AGM Battery, Solenoid, Inverter, Booster very heavy (35kg) and bulky. Lets see if that tiny and shiny new R600 Pro can replace a classic power-setup! I dont think it will be more capable.

But it should be exactly what we Overlanders who are sleeping in our smaller cars should need: Power for a 12v compressor fridge, camera, smartphone and probably a drone or video cam. Ready to charge by Wall, Car and Solar.

Will the Ecoflow R600pro be that solution?




Here I did compare the R600Pro to other brands bevore I did order: Crowdfunding: Ecoflow R600 Solarbatterie vs Goalzero 400

Here you find some: first impressions of the R600 Pr

There is a language Switch to the right.

The first view tests did run very well so far! The embedded 220v Inverter even fire up my Water heater who is rated for 1800W.

And the embedded USB-C Port with 100W is able to charge any modern notebook like the Lenovo Yoga X1 (Gen5) or MacBook Pro (2020). So we dont have to use the 110/220v Power Adapter for charge them!

I did also link some more or less critical reviews of the older small Unit R600Max.

We will see in further Tests, if these Issues are still existing and if they are relevant for us on the road.

If you would like to see some special tests - give me here some questions and I will do my best.

This is not advertising, the unit R600pro is not available on the marked yet, too the crowdfunding campagne is over.



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Feb 2, 2013
I've had a similar idea in the back of my mind for quite some time mainly because i have no patience for buying stuff that only does what its supposed to do if you pair it with "this" and don't forget to add a couple of "them" and of course you will also need some of "these" so it goes £ ...££ ...£££ ....££££ . I end up growling why not just put it all i a box and charge me ££££ in the first place you *%^£%$$&