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Another one looking for a half decent 80 series

Totally agree, I'd much sooner buy off a private seller who has had the car for a few years rather than a dealer trying to turn a quick and easy profit.

I'll just keep an eye on the market, I'm not in a mad rush and fingers crossed something will come up in the next few months. I'd be interested in Gary's for sure.

Edit to add: there's a small chance that my Dad's last 80 series may, potentially, be up for sale in the not too distant future. My Dad knows the person he sold it to and by all accounts they're considering something more modern, so I may get dibs on that (fingers crossed!). An old photo from back in 2017 picking up an E39 M5 for me. Wish I'd kept the M5, would be worth 3-4 times what I paid for it 5 years ago :persevere:

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Agree to disagree. There's a difference between a rot box and a bit of surface corrosion and/or some scabby areas.

These virtually all had a " bit of surface corrosion" 10+ years ago and havn't got better anytime recently. I think I have a little more experience in this matter somehow.
I don't know if there is a better condition petrol 80 in the UK, or better used and looked after, than @Gary820 truck. At £13k it's already better value than anything out there today.
Yeah, it does look very nice. I'm not overly fussed about the green laning mods, but they're not too intrusive and who knows, it's something I might fancy taking up further down the line!
With regards to the earlier comments about engine failures ……

With the 4.5 petrol the more likely failure is the head gasket, and not the block or the head cracking. Particularly at piston 6, which can be related to the EGR system scavenging gas from there.

Mine is a 1997, major rust under the off side passenger sill (as in it’s no longer there). Otherwise fairly solid.

Jap imports are impressively clean. The 10 y.o. Surf I bought in years ago was absolutely mint. Imported 80’s will unlikely have locking diffs though.

As you are aware, you are looking at buying a 25+ year old car that’s lived in good old Blighty with all that entails. Buyer beware!
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