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Anyone else had issues with their Pedders 2" setup?


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May 28, 2013
Was wondering if anyone on the forum has had a similar problem with their rear suspension.

Quite a few years ago now I fitted the Pedders 2" heavy duty lift kit to the 80 and back then if I hit a big enough pothole there was an almighty metal contacting with metal bang.
As it happened rarely and not when off-roading I put up with it. Should have sorted it then but im a lazy git.

Now I'm finding with the roads being in such a crap state it is happening every time I hit any uneven surface like sunken manholes or even smallish holes to the point I'm trying to pick the smoothest part of the road while driving. Not fun.

Had a good look under the car around anything heavy that could be making contact but the waxoil coating is showing no parts contacting anywhere. The cruiser is still sitting well with no visible drop so suspect the springs are still good.

I then wondered if the shocks were stuffed and bottoming out with the weight of the 35" tyres as I never fitted extended bump stops though wouldn't have thought the axle should be anywhere near bump stops on the road. I tried fitting a near new spare set of Pedder shocks that made no difference. Same bang from the back axle.

It's odd as only happens on a sharp up/down movement of the rear axle like a pothole and only the rear, no issues with the front even though it has all the weight with engine, bar etc...

Ive tried jumping up and down on the back step and pushing side to side but again nothing but normal shock sounds doing their job. Only xtra weight currently in the back is the spare wheel.

I was thinking about swapping out to adjustable shocks but thought best to try and find what is causing this issue before wasting money on them.

Any thought would be much appreciated as my knowledge of shocks and springs and how they work is beyond my head.

Cheers, Dave,
Check the upper and lower rear axle locating bars and the panhard rod for failed bushes or loose bolts....
With a bang as you described there should be a witness mark somewhere.

Just as an aside, a friend of mine was over with his Collie on the ramp while Sam and Andy were visiting. We were looking for a knocking on the suspension only under certain conditions.
after pulling tugging levering every bush, strut, and bar Andy spotted the problem. There was the slightest crescent shaped rust mark around the o/s bottom trailing arm mounting on the axle. Now these really do have to be tight and, as it had just had a rear axle swap ( and had these torqued up apparently) it went up maybe 1/4 of a turn with a 2' Snap-on bar torqued up to 2 full grunts.
All were checked and they did go up a bit. Guess what? Colorado satisfaction was re established, silence returned.

This might be your prob Dave, whilst its on its wheels check that all the trailing arm bolts are as tight as a good breaker bar will get them and then road test.
Thanks for thoughts fellas. Never thought might be some failed bushes or even a rusty mount hidden under all the waxoil. It’s good at hiding problems. I’ll get a good pry bar on the rear end and see if anything gives. Thought maybe exhaust but the waxoil would leave its mark and too heavy/loud a contact I reckon for that. Cheers.
Baffled by this one. Got a good heavy pry bar on all the rear bushes and nothing out of the ordinary. Same with all associated nuts&bolts.

It has to be something substantial contacting given the bang through the cab. Very odd only happens when the rear axle does a quick down/up movement on potholes. No issue going over the likes of speed humps.

Seriously considering strapping an old phone under there and try to video the axle. It’s almost like the shocks have been removed given the smack.

One thing I did notice both the old pedders shocks and the newer ones I fitted were fairly easily compressed by hand. I would have thought heavy duty shocks would have a lot more resistance.
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Thinking on I'd be looking at the rear body mountings, I had this issue some time back and only located it when my mate Al was driving and I got in the back. it was the drivers side rear and you could feel it knock through the floor. Changed it for a good s/h one in about an hour and peace was restored.
Just a thought.
Thanks, certainly worth checking the rubber body mounts. Will get my young fella to drive it at w’end and I’ll get in the back like u mentioned. Might at least give me an idea what area it’s coming from. Cheers.
Yeah Frank, I replaced the gearbox mounts last year when fitting new clutch so they are good.

I think Andy has hit the nail on the head. Looking at the body mounts I noticed the very rear mount DS has 2 bolt heads that have been clearly hitting the body. The mount on the opposite side I can easily get a finger between the bolt heads to the body. Nowhere near that gap on the DS.

Thought no way could bolt heads hitting the body would cause the almighty bang I hear but shoved some hard rubber between the bolt heads and body and it’s back to the usual denture rattling ride I get with HD shocks and 35” muddies. Not sure given the number of body mounts along the chassis how the back one has squished but it looks that way. The other mounts look good.

I haven’t had a good look at the job but I’m suspecting the head of the long bolt that runs through the bushes is under the carpet in the rear? Thinking might to need the exhaust off to get at the nuts on the end of the long bolt that have been on there over 30 years as no doubt reluctant to come off. Any gotcha heads up about replacing these bushes much appreciated.

Cheers, Dave.
It's a relief to find something that's been bugging you even if it reveals a difficult job.
Sorry - late to the party, but I've been running a similar set up (Pedders +2) for several years and no issues with mysterious bangs or clunks at this stage.... Be interested to hear back when you've sorted the body mount, if that resolves things. Good luck :)
Yeah Dave, had my doubts it was the shocks as fitted a fresh set and nothing improved.

Have had a chance for a closer look and it’s clear the 2 bolt heads on rear DS mount have been contacting the body. Not sure why body mount rubbers on that side have compressed compared to the PS but will be changing out all the bushes on the DS.

Doesn’t look too bad a job apart from needing to figure out how to support the body weight using a trolley jack on a raised truck and of course the custom exhaust runs right underneath the nuts I need off. The pieces of rubber I shoved between the bolt heads and body will do until gets warmer and fix it properly. Cheers.