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Anything other then 80's - was road trip



<Julian, let me know when you're likely to be at Stuart's place and I'll
pop up to meet you. It'll also let Stuart see how well the Warn fits my
70 series :)
On a separate topic does *everyone* else on this list have J80s? Am I
the only J70 guy here?
Alan Thomson
Dunfermline, Scotland
1994 KZJ70, 2" OME lift, Warn HS9500>
I'm an FJ62 owner and I think there were a couple of others lurking.
The 80 series is arguably the best all round Landcruiser Toyota have built
and certainly sold in very large quantities worldwide, hence the natural
bias towards it, I guess.
BTW, did you know you can do a similar mod to the turbo on your 70 and make
it deliver more boost? A couple of washers apparently is all it takes...
Neill Watson
S. African FJ62 1989. Standard, family truck.


I mainly lurk around here, but watch some of the more technical threads with
interest LOL
I'm a fairly new owner of a 1983 HJ60, and for anyone who is interested in the
colour he was original blue but the last owner repainted him in black n
1983, HJ60
Merseyside, England

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