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Audi Cam lets you watch the entire


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Feb 24, 2010
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Interesting idea.

"...each Audi Centre in Britain with helmet cameras and two-way radios to let customers monitor the entire job...."
Imagine the assault of questions the poor mech will have to put up with.
"What's that?!"
"Why you doing that?"
"What does that do?"

Could have helped Rob and his dodgy brakes though :x ... chanics-p/
Interesting idea, but who has the time to watch every detail?
My daughter is a mechanic for Audi in Sheffield.

I'll have to ask her how she feels about it. I can see lots of headsets getting accidently broken in the future :twisted:
I hope Toyota dont start doing this, all you will see is the guys finger going up his nose for 20 mins, and then him saying "That's another service done". :o :lol: :shock:
Well then it's true.

My youngster is really hacked off because it is only going on one pit in her place and guess who's pit that is :whistle: