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Auto box interchangeability on an 80



I have 2 problems with my transmission at the moment- i have leaking output seals no the transfer box (both front and rear now need replacing grrr)=2C and my T/C lockup isn't functioning correctly. I know of a complete gearbox and transfer case for sale for =A320. This transmission came out of a 92 HDJ80 japanese import- it has more gearbox switches than mine does and had a CDL as standard.

My vehicle is an HDJ80 1993 UK vehicle 1HD-T. the only gerobox switch it has is an ECT switch and it did not come with a CDL.

Is the box for sale=2C the same as the box in my truck=2C if it isn't=2C is the Transfer box the same=2C and if so is it easier to swap transfer boxes than to replace both output seals?
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