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Auto gearbox help


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Oct 9, 2020
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Hi all, just had to crawl home in high ratio in my LC Colorado 2.0 tdi 97, auto.

Nothing from auto box.

Any thoughts about what has happened?

Thanks everyone.
I don't have experience of an Auto Colorado (mine's a manual) - but I do have an Auto Amazon.

Could you give us details of what you did to get home, please.

Presumably the torque converter is driving something, so was it stuck in the lowest gear or one of the others ?

You mentioned 'High Ratio', the Transfer Box shouldn't be affected by the Auto Gearbox, so if its stuck in a high gear you could have used Low Ratio to give the torque converter an easier time (just knock the Transfer Box into Neutral occasionally to remove transmission wind-up).

Did the torque converter lock-out or was it just buzzing all the time ??

The more info we get the better (though its mostly guess-work from here on in).

(I assume its a normal 3.0 litre 4 cylinder 1KZ-Te motor and your "2.0" is a typo - unless you've got a very unusual model :icon-wink: ).

Been in any rivers ? i seen an auto 80 do this when the gearbox filled up with water .

A known issue with the 1kz auto's is gearbox oil and coolant can mix when the radiator rots inside so if theres oil in your coolant then theres water in your gearbox .
Most important is to check trans fluid levels with the motor running and warm.

Does the lever do anything in the 2 or L positions? With the 3pin triangular electrical connection removed it becomes a 3 speed manual with L being 1st, 2 being 2nd, and D being 4th. If you can get this working then it's likely an electrical issue, if not it's likely mechanical.

Do you still have reverse? This is usually the first to poop out.

And yes strawberry milkshaking is an issue, worth checking the trans dipstick for this. If it's clear then you're ok. Usually there is more water in the trans given the long time for the radiator pressure to dissipate.

How many km/miles on the clock?
Hi, probably totally unrelated to your problem, but I took the sump off the auto box on mine today and found this in the oil !


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Yes it seems to be working ok, goes through the gears as it should so far as I can tell.
I only took the sump off to change the filter.
I'd be tempted just to leave as is but I guess a trip to a transmission specialist can't hurt. Need someone familiar with old school autos though.
Yes think I'll leave well enough alone for now, have other jobs to do first.
I've owned a 1997 Colorado 3.0 TD Auto for 15 years and back in the summer it kept coming out of top gear. I had many look at it and had a lot of work done. In the end I had the gearbox overhauled totally. It was the lock off clutch in the torque converter.
What I would recommend in order before you go this far is:
1) get the gearbox oil replaced - no good?
2) drop the sump and get the lock off solenoids and the other solenoids looked at and cleaned out - no good?
3) get the speed sensors on the outside of the gearbox checked or changed - no good?
4) get a auto gearbox specialist to look at it. There are a lot of rip off merchants out there so beware!!

This is really rare. The old fella who done mine said the actual gearbox was in perfect condition with little wear, only done 140k miles.

Good luck!