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auto or manual for 1HD FT


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Nov 18, 2021
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hi all just wondering what your preferred transmission is on 1hDFT engine is i know the auto is more prolific
would you say the manual is more sought after or is the auto box the box of choice generally speaking...cheers all :)

Auto's on the 1hdft in the 80 series are rare in the UK as all 80's sold here were manuals. If you can find one they are a joy to drive compared to the manual which sometimes has a 2nd gear syncro issue .In standing/ stop start traffic the pedal/stick arrangement soon looses its appeal. Note; the box in the "Amazon" badged 80's is better regarding the 2nd gear issue.
If you find a 24V auto import you will find the trim different to the UK spec.
It's a personal preference . I have never heard a single complaint about Cruiser automatics but for me personally i don't like driving auto's at all .

These trucks are getting old though and good ones are few and far between , so as your question suggests your open to either option I'd say what gearbox is of very low priority in the grand scheme of things . Buy the best condition one you can find and afford .
As above.... Iv had Both Auto and Manual 80's .... And many other different Land Cruisers with both Auto and Manual,..... Both are good reliable Boxes, early 12v Manuals had niggling issues with gear changes....... But this was rectified with the later 24v...... My 80 series 24v has 333,000 on the clock and the Manual Gear box is still tight and smooth.. If i was in the market for buying an 80 series i wouldn't care what Box it had in it... the rest of the Truck is more important..... Its personal preference..... I like both
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i prefer a manual. i also prefer tea to coffee...

saying that, if i had to do a lot of stop/start driving, i would have a rev and go.

the manual box is hardly a barrel of laughs in heavy traffic..
I was going to say, If your Old and Lazy Get the Auto..... But i thought better of it :lol:
When i'm in an auto i'm not driving i'm just steering , I could do it from the passenger seat .
I'm also not a big auto fan but they definitely score in heavy traffic. It'd be nice to be able to pick and choose your spec when buying these old trucks but as Shayne has mentioned above, good ones are just too rare to afford that luxury.
if i was shopping for an 80 and had the cash. i would buy straight from japan and cut out all the uk ebay BS.
There are a few importers who advertise Jap imports on Ebay, I've been looking at the FJ Cruisers on there. Some have been on there for months. It would be interesting to know what their markup is on such vehicles after all dutes and registration fees have been paid.
I was going to say, If your Old and Lazy Get the Auto..... But i thought better of it :lol:
Both true here. :) But the auto works well on my 81, does have other positions than D and with an O/D switch, a bit of thought and a careful right foot I don't feel my manliness is under threat. I do miss the engine braking a bit sometimes, but in traffic it's worth it.
I had a Toyota Surf when i was in New Zealand, Cracking Truck, Totally different spec to what they sent to the UK, ... I loved it........... Oh and i find it hard to believe their Profit is only £350 per vehicle..... Be nice if it's true tho.... (Referring to Shayne's Post)
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Never mind its a Surf , same dates and paperwork for a Cruiser is what made me wonder .

Its a pipeline , the logistics are in place .
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yeah, if they can get you a surf they can get you a 80. madmanmarts dad imported an 80, and its like new. underneath as well.
Not in the big cities, but lots of land cruisers around when you get out.