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Auto tsmn filter



There is no filter as such. It is a metal gauze that can be cleaned out. There is also 4 small magnets in the base of the sump. There are many bolts on the tsmn sump with no gasket I found it difficult to get an oil tight seal> As with all of the toyota bolts they appear to be over torqued by the factory. My advice would be not to remove the sump unless there is a problem. Change the oil if you must (I did) but the only way to fill it up is via the dipstick which is labourious and if as I found you do not get a good layer of sealant on the alloy sump flange then it will leak and you will have to drain down to reseal. And I would not reuse the oil. Leave well alone unless someone tells you otherwise.
Regards Kirk
Hi Kirk
Thanks for the advice on the Auto box. I just had this idea of changing the ATF to synth because of its better ability to deal with heat.
I was told by the guy who is selling the oil to change the filter.
I now know thanks to the list that there is no filter but a strainer.
I just wonder if I do change to the synth will there be any gunk that will need to be cleaned out from the better cleaning abilities of the Synth compared to the Dino.
Would there be a load of Gunk in the strainer anyway from all the years.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT