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Back in the day.

frank rabbets

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Mar 1, 2010
Just been watching "car wizard" on U. $50 head gasket took $4000 labour.

Back int day I had a self built 2 door Range Rover. I decided to throw the engine fan away and install an electric one activated by switch on dashboard. You guessed. Going to work I came across a stuck artic' trying to get up an icy hill. Liking a challenge I pulled it to the top but forgot to put the fan on. Clouds of steam and went back home. This was 10.30. a.m. Heads off and out with a hard block of wood and 80 grade production paper. 30 mins of hard grafting on each and heads were no longer like troughs. Back together by 4.00 p.m. same day. Tempted to get to work but took the day off. Even simpler to work on than a Morris Minor.
Aye, we used to build and rebuild stuff like that Frank - could change a head gasket on an A-series in under an hour on a good day assuming the head and/or block weren't damaged (and sometimes less when racing/rallying).
I did something similar and completely rebuilt (and tuned) a replacement, used 2.9 V6 Sierra engine after finding a crack in the block of the old one.:thumbup:

Things are much easier now Frank. A dashboard light will come on and you just take it to your dealer. Simples!:whistle: :laughing-rolling::laughing-rolling: