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Balkans trip

Currently in Slovenia at a campsite awaiting a new Brake Booster as mine suddenly decided to take a dive. Part on order from partsouq and will await to see how long it takes and import taxes etc.
Will update later with pictures, stages etc. but no excuse now to get all my little tweaking projects done on the truck
More info on FB for those that follow me
A mere hiccup compared to Longwayhome, hope the parts reach you quickly.
quick update. Will post pics later

Did 4 day quick drive across France to meet up with buddy flying out of Milan. All worked well other than crazy rains (stopped Formula 1).
Had some issues with LPG that BRC dealer looked at in N Milan but disappeared after few days (not sure if the 'cleaning' he did on one of the coil packs)

Popped a tyre on the motorway which took an hour to fix (move out fridge, then needed axle stand etc) . In the end decided to buy new 255/85/16 BFG MT KO3 from guy in N Milan who does 7x conversions. Some lovely trucks he brings in new (never seen a spotless undercarriage before) and does a poptop and interior fit out, tanks etc.
Super impressed and Thanks to Renate for all the local help

Spent nice few days in N Italy and then into N Slovenia (heading towards Tigray National Park). Had some hard pedal day before (only for few seconds each time) coming across the wee hills. Checked in campsite; fixed a crack on a hose; went 5 ft foward and hard pedal constantly as well as 'hiss' from under feet. Brake booster gone. Ordered from Partsouq on Sat and was with me on Thur. PITA to get it out but went in easy enough. Left on Sat and alls well. Even went up a 1560m pass with 35+ hairpen bends... why not
Few days around Lake Bled, Ljubljana (old town) and now in Croatia. Doing some work and waiting for the miss's to arrive
Great to see you are underway. Hope to be heading that way later in the year.

Interested to know more about the company that does conversions and their spotless vehicles. Do you have a name/link for them?
Your Balkans trip sounds absolutely amazing! Driving through so many countries must be quite an adventure. In terms of tips, I'd recommend checking out the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia and Lake Ohrid in Macedonia. Both are breathtakingly beautiful. I'm actually going on a trip myself, but I've decided to focus on just a few countries, including France, the Netherlands, Austria, and possibly Switzerland. I've already booked train tickets through to make my travel experience comfortable and hassle-free. I find it to be the most reliable and convenient way to get around without any additional hassle or unexpected costs. I can't wait to explore these beautiful destinations.
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Current status: been stuck in Sarajevo, Bosnia for last week. Was overheating (hitting 215f) come over the mtns from Croatia. Just received new water pump from DHL but radiator 'stuck' (customs likely) - so have to ring them now

Hoping replacing these two will fix my issue and can move on