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Basic tools to buy for self servicing land cruiser.

I got first two major services from Toyota n IR Cradock at 51800k and 53800k, next one I ll do on my own at 58K and every 6K after that.
I sent car to IR for general check and changing all other oils so asked them to change engine oil and filter as well as this car was not serviced since 2019 thought it’s better to have more n clean engine.
Is that big black ratchet torque wrench?
I am thinking of getting Halfords advanced 3/8 wrench 12-60nm in feb budget.
Looking at your tools, I got too many tools and still adding :)
It is the Halfords advanced 3/8" torque wrench in fact. The very one you are planning to get. I really like it, it replaced a sealey model that packed up on me and the build quality comparison is stark.

I have a lot more tools than that, but am oil change requires few. Current favourite tool is this chap, really nice for getting to awkward bolts and spinning them off fast.


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I guess It’s also lack of experience and knowledge about car maintenance. All these years I was lucky as got good garages for Honda and Lexus and did whatever they said. I kept aside 10K for post purchase maintenance for LC as this car had lot of oils, parts to update to get to baseline. Now I realise I didn’t use that amount properly and emptied that pot :) learning for me.
60nM will be fine for smaller stuff like oil changes but anything larger like wheel nuts or suspension or larger engine bolts will need a much higher torque than that.
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Ideally you'd have a bigger (and maybe a smaller) torque wrench for different things.
So will this 12-60nm cover for small one?
Again I ve to get another one upto 200nm
I have a 200 Nm 1/2" drive one for big stuff, and a little 1/4" that goes down to 4 Nm.
This is another doubt I have. My tools are 3/8 drive ones. Can I buy 1/2 or 1/4 torque wrench n use with 3/8 tools (3/8 Halfords advanced tool kit)
3/8" is the perfect size for most of the wrenching, but 1/2" (or 3/4") is required as well (wheels, suspension, etc). E.g. on the propeller shafts, the 1/2" is too bulky to fit easily on the small bolts close to the shaft. All according to my limited experience, of course.
I have a set of 4 adapters that allow any size to connect any size. Of course you have to be sensible but you can use them as a small extension too.
Is there a single machine that acts as impact tool ( automatic thing for removing and tighten) and torque wrench.
I saw some digital torque wrenches but not of one tool for all.
No, a torque wrench is at least somewhat delicate, whereas impact wrenches are very much not. Starting out I'd go with a ratchet and a long tube plus a torque wrench.
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My Ryobi impact has different torque settings but it's uncalibrated and most likely unrepeatable. Think it's mainly aimed at preventing breakage or burial if you are using it with small fasteners.
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The tools list is too long but tasks list is small for me to get car to my assumptive baseline. These are all pending ones in my list


The list of tools I purchased from the long list. It all started with idea of just oil change. I kept adding tools in the list but oil change on my own still pending :)

First torque wrench you buy should probably be a 1/2" one tbh. Any reason for the 300 over the 200? I'd say 40-200 is a more useful range than 60-300.