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Basic tools to buy for self servicing land cruiser.

Raj, there is a 175 piece set, Halfords Advanced 175 Pc Socket & Spanner Set | Halfords UK - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] will be a really good starter set, with the 3 different drive sized sockets. You may want to add a couple of extra spanners to match up to the sockets, 21mm, 22mm & 24mm. Get yourself a wire brush set and their ball pein hammer, some plus gas penetrating fluid a screwdriver set and you’ll be good Halfords Advanced 10 Piece Screwdriver Set Modular Tray | Halfords UK - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
Thank you Jake, it’s 5£ different so I ll go for that 175pc set. About screwdriver, do I need to have this set n the JIS set as well. Saley JIS set is available at Halfords
Get the JIS screwdrivers Raj - they're not in that set. The bits in that set will actually fit mostly (!), but eventually you'll end up stripping screws and swearing if you dont use JIS.
That 175pc set is very comprehensive and will meet almost all of your needs for your LC. Certainly more than I started with. You will inevitably add special sockets and other tools etc as you go along, like we all do. I find I use my 1/4” drive a lot more than I thought I would - very handy in tight areas of the engine bay or interior on smaller bolts/nuts - so it’s useful to have in that set.
I agree with Karl - still get the JIS screwdrivers.
All the tools I need to change all the filters and oils on my 2011 Troop Carrier


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David that's just plain down right dirty showing off
Long gone are the days of flat head screwdriver pair of pliers 8inch adjustable wrench and ballpein hammer now you need a bloody computer to just to find a blown fuse
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Raj, the JIS set only fit cross heads, you will find its handy to have some flat blade screwdrivers also

thank you everyone for taking time and advising me on right tools. Finally got the whole tool kit. I got tool kit, screw driver kit and JIS screwdriver kit. Got all Toyota filters n oil as well. I ll go to my old mechanic n take him to ramp n do this in his presence so didn’t bother buying jack or axle stands this month. This is just the beginning :)


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I have differential fluid change, AHC bleeding, steering bolt to adjust to correct steering play. These I feel I ll somehow do but need help for ATF flush. Can anyone help me do ATF flush. It takes 2 days and need a passionate person toguide me on this task. I can travel n stay anywhere in UK if needed. I am happy to pay if it’s not offending. I might not be good at expressing but this is my requirement for help
Do you really need an ATF flush? Maybe tackle this down the road unless you have specific reason to suspect a problem ?
Yes KB that’s also true, I should stop watching Australian videos :) they change everything n too early.
When watching project 200 videos, they said every 80 to 100K kilometre irrespective of what Toyota says but UK we might not need as we don’t have those hot temperatures.
I like the large sockets that for into the flats on the end of the oil filter. Useful for loosening and light tightening when the filter is in a difficult place (as it is on the 5VZ-FE).

You do need one for each size of filter you deal with but they are a great solution otherwise.

Random example:
like the large sockets
Yes I was looking exactly this type of racket for oil filter. Went to Toyota to buy from them but they didn’t have a clue of what it is so ll ve to buy from outside. There are genuine Toyota 200 specific ones but they r coming from Australia so didn’t buy. Interestingly most LC specific things are from Australia, even the service manual I bought is from there
Hi Rich, I got oil change by garage, next one is due in 3000 miles and I ll do that. I used Jack and axle stands to lift car and did propshaft greasing as first job.
Is that big black ratchet torque wrench?
I am thinking of getting Halfords advanced 3/8 wrench 12-60nm in feb budget.
Looking at your tools, I got too many tools and still adding :)