Battery managment to run toys off


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Jul 21, 2010

If I would like to run a fridge and inverter and maybe a few other small things at the rear of the car what is the best way to go about doing this?

Owning a 2003 100 vx I currently have 2 Std Toyota batteries in the engine bay with the factory fit management system on them and was wondering if its best to install a third, deep cycle battery in the boot to run the toys off of perhaps something like a national Luna portable power pack ( which would mean it could be removed and put into a tent when camping which is a handy feature and it could also be removed from the car when not needed and I think one can also start the car from it if need be but I stand corrected on this.


Is the above a waste of money and its best to upgrade the battery management system to a national Luna one or other and when the current batteries die upgrade them to deep cycle ones and then run wires to the rear to run the toys off?


Is there a better way?


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Mar 22, 2010
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Is yours a 24v then? Would you require both batteries to start?

I also have two batteries under the bonnet, but my 90 is a 12v. So I replaced one battery with a Numax leisure battery, and isolated the two using one of these.

I fed some cable from the leisure battery to the back of the car. This is connected to an inverter, and also a cigarette socket which runs my Waeco fridge. I'll also be adding lighting etc to run from the same battery for when we are camping.

So far its been working great.