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Becoming more environmentally aware


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Mar 6, 2010
Like @AndycruiserguyLomas going All Electric, I decided that while I have the bodywork forward of the bulkhead off I would install a cat...
Obviously currently this is only a temporary fix and I will undoubtedly have to incorporate this into the exhaust system. Not sure how that will go!
My 2H engine is 40 years old this year thus the need to be more environmentally aware but I am concerned that this modification will make the engine sound more like a 2-stroke passing at speed....... mmmmeeeeeeoooooowwwwwwwww!


Hi Rodger, I actually thought for a minute it was this type of Cat:-

I think that would be Purrrrfect in the BJ

I think the back pressure will be too high. Once the mouth is bolted to the exhaust manifold the cat will explode when you start the engine.
@frank rabbets should I fit more little cats* and just a bigger one but perhaps not as big as the one Andy envisaged?
* As I have headers would you recommend 6 or fit them at the collectors therefore 2?
Cats are freely available in many shapes and sizes.... the larger ones come with their own anti theft deterrent.... for your 2H I would recommend Puma concolor....
Something like a 1HDFT would probably require a Panthera leo but as in all modifications this brings packaging issues and also after care problems