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Best way to get a reliable 80 series

Oct 6, 2020
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I am looking at buying my first Land Cruiser and think the 80 series would be best for my needs as a daily driver as well as a car that can get me hunting and mountain biking on the weekend. Has anyone had experience with companies that restore back to factory/modify Land Cruisers? Do they make the cars more reliable? I am not looking to do alot of work on the car myself. If you have any, who might you recommend and what are good questions to ask.

Thank you,

These vehicles really do not need to be made more reliable, they are solid work horses straight from the factory.

Re modifications.

These can introduce issues if not carried out wisely, bigger wheels and tyres will reduce braking effort for a given pedal pressure, they also increase the failure rate of the CV joints.

Bigger turbo's reduce engine longevity if the power output is pushed too far.

Experience dictates that a stock well serviced 80 will be more than capable for your planned use.


Well you are starting with the assumption that the 80 has reliability issues. It doesn't. They get old of course and that's the killer. Simply, age. It's not that they truly become more unreliable, they simply detriorate. A well maintained rust free example won't be unreliable. Here in the UK many have succumbed to rust, but over the pond where you are there may be some really good dry examples.