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Bio Fuel + fuel quality



Sorry lads but I probably have had too much experience on this for my own
good. (I have worked as an EC consultant on crops for bio fuels in E
Europe for my sins). But 'proper' bio fuel is made by mixing vegetable
oil with glycerine then heating it to a modest 50C or so whilst constantly
agitating it. It then gets a mix of additives, and its ready for use and is
called 'diester'. You can even buy a portable plant to make it that fits
on a pallet.
If you go to Austria where they have enlightened views on taxing the stuff,
you will find most farmers in the NE of the country who are
rapeseed/colza/canola growers, all run their tractors on it. Early work on
burning vegetable oil without converting it into diester showed horrific
gumming problems of first, piston rings then injector nozzles, then the
whole injector pintle assembly. Put raw oil in your tank with diesel at
your own risk. I wouldn't.
Fuel Quality
Out here - where fuel quality is more than dodgy - we are seeing more 'eco
diesel' and less 'euro diesel' or D2 as it is commonly known in Europe.
When we bought a RAV4 for the office it came with instructions for using
'eco diesel' only. Its a girls car anyway, so doesn't get out into the
rough country where the fuel is even rougher. But is it safe to put 'eco
diesel' in my HZJ engine ?
I remember that about 1990 there was a lot of hoo ha in UK about the new
low sulphur fuels lacking lubricity to keep the pump sweet. I accept that
the case may be different now - I have to run my UK Pajero on the stuff.
But my 80 is a 1992, and is the pump fitted at that time suitable for the
eco-diesel of today I wonder ? Its 41p a litre so not too taxing for the
old fashioned stuff.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia


Further info can be found in Commercial Motor 17/6/04 page 26. A deatiled response from with regards to the licences required etc. In theory you can process all the waste frying oil from your local fish and chip shop using a "digester" to power the cruiser . OK - put me down for a cod and chips hold the salt - lots of vinegar.
Regards Gareth Jones.
PS - Mushy peas anyone ?