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Black oil immediately after oil change and refill and engine clean up

it's a Toyota
Ignorance is bliss. My love for the car and lots of reading around is making me plan a lot of things. Now I am watching break fluid change as only break fluid and power steering fluids are pending replacement :)
The only vehicle i've ever bought new was a Hilux with the 3 litre D4D, same as our 120's, from the start i changed the oil between statutory dealer services, generally using Millers oils (i always buy oil on bulk, various decent makes whatever is on offer) which MrT also used on main services, which saved me quite a few quid on servicing with them happy for me to supply better quality oil.
Now the oil in that would stay clean till about 1000 miles after a change.

Fast forward to the current 120 bought about 5 years ago with a very good service history.
Serviced it straight away and the oil got dirty too quickly for my liking.

Decided for an experiment to return to Diesel specific engine oil for the allegedly better detergent qualities of the oil, after several changes each time the oil stayed cleaner longer, not quite as good as the Hilux but not far off either.
Used various makes, 10w40 EXOL featured in the early clean up period, currently the next service will finish of the 20 litre drum of Castrol Edge i found at a low price.

Not saying anyone else should try this, just saying what i believe has worked well for me.
I also drain the oil hot and let it drip, sometimes several hours or overnight if i'm inspecting the oil sump strainer.
I think also that the 3litre lump does't hold too much oil in the galleries, and drians well, i've know other engines including BMW Diesels have filthy dirty oil within minutes of restarting, i put this down to poor engine drainage though stupid oil change intervals can't be helping.
Wouldn't consider using a suction device as many do now, i want the nasties and as much contaminated oil flowing out the drain as possible.

Its this specific oil issue why i ruled out getting a 5 pot Ford Ranger, apparently you have to refill the oil within 15 minutes or a grave danger the pump won't be able to suck the oil up, never heard anything so ridiculous in all my life.
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It was a pick up i had pencilled in Karl as possible 120 replacement, for the simple reason that Hilux's fetch so much...mind you so does everything else at the moment and i'm getting a bit of deja vu about these constantly rising prices of used cars, we've seen bubbles burst before and i'm buying nothing else because if anyone can time it badly i'm your man.

Its was John Cadogan on the youtube that broke the story for me, could scarcely believe my eyes and ears, who the hell designs an oil pump which can't self prime, obviously there must be a way of doing so, but blowed if i'm going down that road.
How to complicate an oil change eh? Everyone has their own order and routines when doing it; so forcing a stopwatch in the middle of it can't end well. You know you'd be on 9 minutes and thats when you'd kick the new bottle of oil over....
When I changed my oil a short while ago, I drained in the afternoon and left it overnight to drain fully as I wanted pictures of the oil strainer via the drain hole. Next morning no drips, until every time I offered the camera up, it dripped again, and again etc. That was from hot and took all that time to empty.
Stupid idea of upside down oil filter that you can't fill before refitting too.
one more doubt about this oil change, while screwing filter with special tool, I overtightened it. I had instructions from KB and other not to overtighten but during that time my club account was not working so couldnt get back to instructions. The torque 29nm was for the filter cap at the bottom and not for the filter itself but I tightened the filter itself to 29nm with the special filter tool.
Any issues with overtightening the filter?