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Brake calipers JB & Julian



John B wrote.......
I have a lot of catching up to do on you guys. I did get the pictures of the caliper, thenks Jon, now I know what it is and where it is. Jon you seem to have all the fun where you are, snow, mountains, valleys, wolves, etc. Are you sure your not leaving anything out, or just giving a sample to get me jelous. In Ireland its hard to find the craic your having even if it is your job.
Well, having spent a deal of time in Ulster I appreciate the craic, and I
suppose we get plenty here, and in fact Tania and I write essays on our
experiences, one is even used by the university of Iowa by its
international law department or something. We have been pushed to write a
book too, but maybe when I retire to that nice B&B business on the Croatian
Anyway, I am not joking, and if you want to know how to build a wolf trap I
have a pictorial run-down at
I also have full written instructions plus diagrams on paper I can email if
you feel the urge to trap a few in your neighbourhood. It is humane, it
just traps them using the theory that wolves never walk backwards. Once
trapped they are despatched by kalashnikov, of which we have far too many
in this place, even all my neighbours in the capital city. Well, you never
know when the 'enemy' might start it all again ! The govt pays 100 quid for
every wolf pelt handed-in, equal to a month's salary here.
So TLC content Julian
John you never said you bought a disused wreck with moss growing on it
!! I hope you asked yourself why it was in that condition and you paid the
man 500 euros for the beast.
Oil, yes you are right, I hardly use my Pajero, but it gets sweet oil in it
before I leave it for a 3-4 months, its good engineering practice.
Old diesel affecting the pump, well I dunno. But certainly old diesel is
smokey and every time I get to my boat I put some diesel additive in it to
pep it up. In fact with the poor diesel quality out here I always put a
bottle in when I have a tankful. I think its worth it. Its mostly methanol
or ethanol (well, an 'ol' anyway) and it helps it burn quicker basically,
apart from some lubricity additives within also).
Off-roading hard wear ? No, I don't agree. The car is built for it, and
you bought the best one that's built for it. But its not an Escort that you
service once a year. There are more mechanicals and electrics in your 80
and they need TLC - pardon the pun on acronym ! When I first came here I
officially used a Disco (yes the Turkish one) and at weekends I had an
Astra estate, which went to quite a few rough places too. But we decided
that we wanted a private car for our own use. Looking first at the poor
state of the roads I decided we needed something with big wheels, tyres and
wheel bearings. Looking at the idiot drivers I decided we wanted something
with a long bonnet and separate chassis so they bounced off. Looking at the
rocks that fall onto the asphalt roads I decided we needed high ground
clearance. There is only one answer, a 4WD of whatever make, but certainly
not a Turkish made Disco. Our first was a 4 Runner which is a much
underrated car in my opinion - in fact the standard patrol vehicle for the
UN wherever you see them peacekeeping. But the 2.8 non-turbo plus
unsortable vibration in the back-end soon saw me trade it up for the 80 in
4 months back to the refurb shop, and you know the rest. Don't give up
John, just take care of the beast and you will enjoy it.
But John, its all behind you now. You are with friends, just lay back on
our collective leather couch and listen to our advice to reduce the trauma.
==========Julian - S/H spares delivery.
OK that is no problem, only trouble is that we do not drive home due to the
British government's attitude towards granting Tania citizenship. I.E they
won't give it to her as she is not resident in UK, she is just a
professional aid worker married to a professional British aid worker
fulfilling promises made by our government to peace and harmony etc. etc.
Its a subject which has even taken us to my MP (unfortunately Tory though).
So as a non-citizen with a Mickey Mouse citizenship not loved anywhere in
the world she loses 3 precious passport visa pages every time she crosses
Europe for 2 days each way. When her passport is full she cannot get a new
one from her country's consul in London. She has to return to her country
and pay $$$$$'s in bribes. When she is a UK citizen then we can drive home
freely, and far more cheaply. That's why I have the Pajero in UK.
Sorry. (End of rant).
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - PS, anyone having a govt minister as a
relative and who is more senior that Des Brown the idiot minister for
immigration and terrorist affairs (!) please pass-on my email address, thanks.