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Brake discs



Bit of a problem you have there and I may be no use to you - but.
Apart from owning an 80 and buying and running them in office fleets along
with Hi Luxe's 4Runners and 75's, I am used to some rough and ready
maintenance as befits the situation.
All these trucks run in the Balkans and rough conditions including fording
substantial rivers. We never have brake problems and Toy parts are not
always used, especially with brake parts.
I would suggest that no aircon would ever drown out the sound of the brake
pad squealers on the models I am used to. In addition, I wonder if you have
thought of looking at 'soft' brake pads rather than hard ones or different
discs. Surely its better to wear out pads quickly and save your discs?
You have mentioned b4 that you would buy parts from Milner. Both they and
Jap 4X4 parts in Birmingham have 'soft' pads that may be worth a try.
On another point, can you post in plain text please. Using HTML messes up
the digest, puts all words in a single word column down the left margin and
makes the digest into about 50 screenfuls ! Thanks
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia