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brakes calipers



hello jon
I read your post regarding the calipers on the brakes. Sorry about this but I am only learning and need people like you who know what they are talking about because I am always a bit suspect about dealers and their advice. I want the non biased answers from guys like you. What are the calipers and what do they do. The axel seal on the LHS has been a problem a few times also the( sorry about this but I dont know the name for it) the heavy icecream cone shaped thing with large ball bearings in it that fits in the axel on either side in the front, it has treads on the end of it. This had to be replaced twice. What would you pick one of these up for second hand. Just thought you would like to know I live in the Irish Republic a little futher south then Ulster, thats why I have so much trouble getting a breakers that has one of these Cruisers, they are rare here, so I have to buy every thing from new. I hate you for having a good supply of parts . Best of luke jon
John c