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Broken back of drivers seat and Simon's ABS



Hi J
Same happened to mine. I have fabric covers and the seat broke at the
bottom of the frame by the handbrake and it was a poor weld not the fat b
that was driving it at the time! Lucky but the break was on an overlapping
section so drilled two holes thru both parts and bolted it together and so
far so good, two years later its fine. Have a look before you get too
involved as you may be able to do something cheap.
Good luck.
Also J, I have given up trying to figure the ABS and the beast goes in
tomorrow to the toyo main dealer. I have contacted the bank manager and
warned him!!!!! I need an MOT and on Sunday go away for two weeks and the
thought I will be leaving the car in the gatwick parking with no mot and no
tax is just not a good idea.
So if they find out the problem I will let you all know.
Simon Hughes
K reg TLC 4.2l TD 156k


Hi Simon
Glad to know I'm not the first one to have this issue. It never cease
to amaze me how they all seem to have the same problems: ABS,
knuckles, seats. But the real problem is if you change the car you are
only changing the problems. There is no reliability in this world.
On my Terrano II (Maverick) I notice exactly the same "coincidences"
as other List colleagues. Although the 80 is clearly over engineered
apparently that's not enough. What about Mercedes Gs do they also have
coincidences (rhetorical question).
Good luck with your MOT
Joaquim 94 1HD-T