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Hey There Mark-Donna
I tried and tried for ages to get what you are now looking for ( a cheap
good bumper).
I tried Ebay and posted on the list and looked and looked and found none
other than from Aus.
They are not cheap at all, to get the ARB or TJM would have cost me over
1000 euro and no way could I find one second hand.
But All American in Holland do them and you can or will get otheres who do
them but they all end up around the same price + or - a few quid I think.
Gareth got one made and it looks really well for about ?500.
Try TBRUK, Frogs island, Devon4x4, to start with . Im sure othere members
will have other places to try aswell.
You could import from the States from Slee off road but it will cost about
the same including taxes but they make a bumper themselves which looks and
seems to be really good , but a little more expensive.
Hope this helps you a little.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT
hi everone can you help me i am lookang for a arb or tbr winch ball bar
bumper to go on my t.l.c. 80.were can i get one cheap