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Air bag compliant front winch bumper ?


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Dec 3, 2016
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I've noticed ARB and others mention airbag compliant front bar work ?
My 80 has airbags so if I bolt on a non air bag compliant winch bumper what's going to happen .
Not worried about on road but off road is a nudge against a rock or stump going to trigger my airbags ?
I took a couple of front chassis extensions off when I fitted the bumper as they seemed just to make the stock bumper fit right ....are these the "crush tubes" people mention ?
With airbags only coming in at the end of the 80's life what changed ? last thing I want is an unplanned air bag deployment while messing about off road .
I'm inclined to think airbag compliant means the bumper will not prevent the airbag from deploying in the event of collision as they have crush tubes that will come into contact with the airbag triggers .

Please note I have done no research on the subject so the above is supposition .
I think the airbag is deployed by G sensors... not some kind of mechanical crushed tube hitting a switch or sensor ...
That's why I was wondering what the difference is between an airbag compliant bar and a non airbag compliant bar ?