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c channels for DIY shelf



I read somewhere that someone had used c channels for their home made shelf in
the load space - could have been Roman...?
Any hints for a source Roman and how you fixed them on the interior bodywork?
Thinking of going the same route as i don't want and cannot afford the expense
of a custom shelving system in the car...
Also forgot sign name to post about seats and steering wheels... sorry but
working from webmail today so without computersied creature comforts...
HDJ81 '93 with bits
I guess you are referring to my earlier post.
You can see the shelf here:
It looks a bit overloaded but in fact it was a bonus - it would not
move or squeek on bumpy roads :) Still, the shelf could be pulled out
by hand even with the full load on top, but it took a bit of effort.
But even with one layer of boxes and soft bags, it's a matter of a
minute or two to remove everything out or put back in place.
For the next trip I am going to add a vertical supporting wall in the
middle (along the axis of the car) on some form of slider attached to
the vehicle floor.
Right now the alu C-channels are attached in three points each, using
metal brackets bolted to the bodywork: near the hatch door post, on
the wheelarch and near the C-post - all using the existing seatbelt
anchoring points.
The channel extrusions can be bought from any metal merchant, as well
as other shapes to strengthen the edges and lashing points.
Hope it helps.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80 (auto)
On 10/2/07, [Email address removed] <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Thanks for this and your exhaust post. Very helpful.
I'll get round to doing the shelf at some point