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To Mongolia and back summer 2010 WARNING LOTS OF PHOTOS!

Marcin from 4x4 Zone is doing this trip next year - route still being planned.
Marcin? Sounds Polish.

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Yes - he runs the Vampire tours - he has already carried out a recce trip to Mongolia through Ukraine... (but not doing that route in 2014- missing out Ukraine) scooting over the top - Latvia/Russia etc. 6 to 8 weeks in total. Runs a Disco (ahh well... not yet seen the light) He has had a couple of drop outs (NL) and still looking for additional people.
The 6 to 8 weeks is the biggest problem - most people cannot take that time span off work.
All - This trip has now been cancelled - was 5 trucks on it - 3 cancelled. Not worth while going with just the 2.

Now moved over to Paul Blackburns Algeria trip in Nov/Dec. 5 LC 80's and 4 LR 110's plus a Hilux on it..
Must have missed this, I would do this if possible, does it stack-up with three?
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I don't believe Marcin is planning on reviving this trip now - he is thinking about mid 2015 as a possibiliy to replan against I believe. If he does indeed plan it in for 2015 I'll try again.

At the moment it's either Algeria or Western Sahara in November and December 2013 for me with Paul Blackburn.
Thats a shame.....Have you details for November/December?
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The Algerian trip ran into Visa issues and has been moved to Western Sahara - Drive down through Spain to Gib... ferry over to Morocco - fast transit through Morocoo and then hit Western Sahara... One of Paul Blackburns trips - - he lost a couple of people on the change of location so he 'might' be able to fit you in if you want to ask... ferry over to Santander on the Friday the 8th Nov 17.00... back about 4 weeks later... making allowances for 2 day drive through and down and then back up through Spain - arrives back in Portsmouth on Dec 5th. I think 4 LC80s's on it and 3 or 4 LC110s on it. Should be a good bash.

I will be trying again for Mongolia and Algeria in 2015 - 2014 is a bit of a write off as I'm pandering to the wife - it's her 50th... so it's a hotel and proper toilets etc.. no shovel work allowed....