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Hi Folks,
I build 3-years ago a Car-PC based on the's TRAVLA 134 box and
the VIA EPIA M10000 motherboard, DVD writer, 60G HDD & USB GPS Sirf2
receiver (now upgraded to the much more sensitive Sirf3 chipset)
The vehicle has after the installation covered 45000miles, mainly in the UK
and on
the continent, but with frequent off-road use and abuse.
The unit has never overheated or in any way let me down, I suppose that dust
must have entered the unit, but as somebody mentioned a gentle blow with an
airline should cure any future dust or circulation problems.
However I should first remove the DVD as this item may not like any settled
to be dislodged and blown around for later to settle on the laser lens and
any other
sensitive parts.
Regards Jorgen
KDJ120 D-4D UK