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Channel 4 seeks passionate Landcruiser enthusiasts

Hi guys! Loving the comments hahaha. We're still on the hunt for a Land Cruiser on the 15th/16th/17th May for some filming in Wembley. Nothing risky or hardcore - we're not Top Gear. If anyone is interested, please drop me an email.

diesel drivers get fined for breathing ?
It’s not in congestion zone and not sure about ULEZ. Wembley is not in the list. Never know London is a maze. Hope a Landcruiser will find time for this
im truckless at the moment, getting them there injectors sorted.
truckless at the moment
If you have time you can take mine. You have experience n knowledge, even if you take my basic Cruiser, you can still fill the gap with your knowledge, memories, experience and build a strong story
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Well if someone wants to collect and drive the 80 that I imported from the UK to where I live in Spain around 12 years ago, and take it to Wembley they are welcome, they would have to put me up as well as I am not driving at the moment, of course all costs to the UK and back will be have to be picked up by C4. :thumbup: