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Channel 4 seeks passionate Landcruiser enthusiasts


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Apr 24, 2023
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C4 is making a series celebrating the modern classic cars of the 80s, 90s & 00s and wants to hear from owners, enthusiasts, fan clubs and petrol heads who love their cars.

Whether you love taking your Jimny green laning, or have a Jeep Wrangler worthy of Jurassic Park, we'd love to hear from you. Perhaps you push your Landcruiser to its limits off-road, or simply complete the daily school run in a stylish Range Rover?

We’re looking for owners of a Landcruiser who love engaging with the history and culture behind their car - however that looks to you!

If you’d love to see your car on TV, email [email protected] with a brief description of your vehicle at and put “Bangers 4x4” in the subject heading.
Most of us consider our Cruisers a part of the family , so perhaps a program describing how ULEZ inflicts torture .

And yeah following on from MODVRS comment my 26 year old Landcruiser is worth more than a brand new range rover because its a better more capable and reliable vehicle which will last longer .
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Surely that should be a Corporate Membership Subscription fee as its Advertising
I'm still searching trying to make heads or tails of these comments , Plump bangers huh :think: might take all day .
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Lincolnshire Walls Bowyers Tesco Aldi Lidl Sainsbury Asda Waitrose ect but best of all for those of a certain age of the original Dads Army but these need toasting because of contents
Did anyone really get in touch with the person looking to make a program? If it for made, be nice to have a few cruisers on there
range rovers
I thought but me and my LandCruiser didn’t reach that level of seniority yet. Not many trips, no modifications, not much off-roading either. Someone senior here with more on and off-road experience would be able to better represent true value of our beasts
I thought anyone whom I met and whose cruisers I saw like KB, Andy, AndyLomas, Trevor, Stu, Steve, Gav, Shayne, Nick, Olazz, GreatToyota…I can’t name everyone but all of you have that real time exposure to travelling, living with and seeing the world through Cruisers and can show the world what these beasts can do mean to us.
Didn't Gav have a 80 just for mud plugging ?

Send his lad in that and it would be like sending a General in a Tank to a Barbie dolls tea party :lol: