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[Chat] - Air systems




Thanks for the answer Matt, solves one dilemma for me - I think my 2KW
inverter is probably still a better bet for power tools then.

I keep looking at the compressor Ray Dadd bought off you a while ago
(still sitting on a shelf in his office!) and thinking I might steal it
when he's not looking :) My 36x12.5x16's take a LOT of pumping up.

Best Regards,

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Hi. If you used 2 x 2.5 gallon tanks that would be enough to run air
tools. An on board system will never be as quick to recharge as a proper
garage compressor unit, as a garage compressor will run at a minimum of
15cfm (cubic feet per minute). The 12 volt compressors I have go up to
about 2.6cfm. But having said that if you have 2 of the 2.5 gal tanks,
or a big tank from a lorry, then you could use an air tools for maybe 30
seconds before the compressor kicked in to refill the tanks.
The main use for an on board system is realy to re-inflate tyres,
operate air locking diffs, operate air suspension (something I'm looking
into) and inflating footballs, boats, air beds, etc.

Going back to the air suspension. I am doing a load of research at the
moment regarding air springs. I want to provide a kit that will give
better suspension travel and better load carrying. I reckon I could sell
a complete kit for about =A31000. This would be 4 x air springs (to
replace your coils) 4 x new shocks, on board compressor kit with tank
etc, 4 x dash mounted (if you can get your dash apart to fit them!!!)
switches and gauges for each spring. As I said, I'm just researching at
the moment, and if I do provide a kit it will require a good weekend to
fit it and a bit of fabricating, but nothing too tricky. You'd be able
to go right down to the bump stops, or right up in the air, maybe giving
about 10 inches of travel. And each corner would be independently

all the best,

Derbyshire UK.

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Landy V8
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