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Chat, spares from Australia for FJ40, 43 or 45 series



Hello all,
Does anyone know of very good parts specialists in Australia for my
continuing quest for power steering for my FJ40.
I have a friend going over for work, he is also an Aussie so knows the
territory, further he is returning in a posh seat on the plane so his
baggage allowance is perfect for carrying heavy car parts, and he is a LC
He goes next week, so if I can partially set this up before he gets there he
will have less to do.
I'm doing quite well with contacts in South Africa and awaiting answers from
Indonesia, but the Aussie route might be best as parts prices would
theoretically be comparable and they would return to the UK for free, with a
mechanically minded mate checking everything out in situ.
Happy for replies to be direct if easier.
Steve Ackhurst
Email: [Email address removed]