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Slee Offroad and shipping from USA to UK



Clear DayDave,
I've a 4x4 80's friend here who may be flying into London in a few weeks
(awaiting confirmation from his work). I think he will be there for 2-3
weeks on work.
I can check with him but I'd suspect that he'd be happy to bring some of
Christo's stuff over if ye guys wanna take him out and show him some UK
Unless of course u're ordering sliders :) but then if u pay the extra
baggage charges it may work out cheaper?
Let me know.
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Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2004 3:04 PM
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Subject: [ELCO] Slee Offroad
If anyone is interested Gareth and myself are about to place an order with
Christo for some parts, nothing too large as shipping is HUGE.If anyone else
on the list is interested in parts from Christo we can share shipping
Here is a link to Christo' site but it may get deleted by the server.
Christo has everything....
If you want to get some bits please hit me offline before next Wednesday
Dave Harris
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97 VX 1HDFT Devon UK