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cheap steel rims



I own up to having cheap steel rims.
Weren't supposed to be but I've got so many dings and dents that they are an
After climbing thru any paticularly hard section I have to check and see
what got bent and then get a big mallet hammer and bang it back in again.
Often hear air hissing out which is a little indication :)
So Nato steel rims should like a good idea.
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At the risk of putting poor Renate in a state of utter confusion, I
would like to remark that split rims are believed to cause a lot of
tyre damage (many people report frequent punctures ), have a tendency
to act as a projectile, have limited speed rating and are a pain to
balance. In other words - for what they are worth, they must have
been invented for landrovers.
IMHO the best option is NATO type steel rims. Cheap aftermarket rims
will bend like
beckham, and those shiny alloys will crack rather then bend, making it
impossible to beat them back to shape with a big hammer.
Jon, what did they put on the LC's used for fieldwork in Bosnia?
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80