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Check your wobbly bits


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Jun 30, 2011
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A call to all 90 series owners - particularly those in cool, damp climates - to keep a good eye out for the rusty goblin. I had to change two ball joints recently and decided to have a good look around underneath. The usual layer of dusty dried sediment lay on the chassis, but underneath the rear end lurked a few nasty bits of rust. Nothing structural, but enough to set alarm bells off. Away it went for professional rust repair, plating and fabrication of replacement pieces where needed, along with a coating of Schultz to protect.. €1300 later... my pictures were deleted when I changed phone...but you get the idea..

I'll be in underneath again in the spring when it's dry to flush out the chassis rails and try to protect from the inside too. It might have a big number on the clock, but I'm not ready to let go yet
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