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Rust Repair - New Sills Finished - some pics


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May 28, 2014
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My project 120 has it's sills finished, just sharing some pics. These are the inner sills, I replaced the entire length as there was a lot of patches needed and wanted a long lasting job.

The spurious sills I bought weren't the proper fit, so I made a template and got it made up in a local steel place, 2mm thick and we welded a 2inch length of box iron underneath the sill to attach it to. Not sure if I have pic of that but anyway. The holes are for the steps obviously, I used nut serts on one side and drilled and tapped on the drivers side as we fitted 5mm plates around the areas of the holes on the drivers side so had 7mm for threads.

I cleaned the whole underside and am in the process of rust-proofing, undersealing, fitted a new rear cross member, rear chassis to body mounts, etc, I'll put that in another thread as good few pics.
My mate helped me with the fabrication, welding.

If I wasn't doing this myself and with my mate I'd say it would be financially wrote off. There's more rust on this 120 series than my 90 series.

The body is starting to rust at the ends of the sills, interested in opinions on this. I'd say repairing the body around the mounts would be a body off job!! I cleaned it and am painting with oil based rust inhibitor to keep it at bay for few years.