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Cleaning chrome wheels



Some will remember that some time back I asked if there was a simple
domestic type alternative product to clean chrome wheels of brake
dust, as opposed to branded wheel cleaners. There are plenty of wheel
cleaning chemicals out there but they are mostly designed for use on
impervious painted wheels and lacquered alloys. Chrome - being porous
- cannot take the aggressive action of these chemicals. The 'proper'
chrome cleaners are very expensive too - when you can find them.
So the answer was a domestic orange juice type cleaner which does a
marvellous job. I can't remember the original make but I have now
managed to buy some for 65p a litre from an Aldi supermarket and put
it in a trigger spray when I need to use it. It is advertised as safe
on chrome taps etc. and kitchen surfaces, and is also oh so nice on my hands !
Tring, Herts
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus