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Clicking birfs



If your birfield joint is clicking you would do well to attend to it
sooner rather than later.
When they do fail they can shatter the bell portion and the bits now
floating in the grease can jamb between the remains of the bell and the
internal areas of the knuckle. This can, not a sure thing but I have
seen it several times, loss of steering, erratic wheel rotation and
vibration. In addition to these negative effects if driven in this
condition for any distance the shards of steel in knuckle can do damage
to the seal on the inner shaft and chew up the bushing at the outer end
of the axle housing.
This is not to say that you can not drive with some clicking, that is
just the balls popping into the wear spots on the inside of the bell of
the birfield. But it is a sure symptom of excess wear and should be
treated accordingly.
I sell the Longfield Birfield joints here, I have had very few returned
and mostly for catastrophic failure under rather higher than normal
stress. For a truck driven 90% on the road I would just go with the OEM
units, they wear longer than the Longfields as the metal is harder.
Long's can take more stress to failure but you have less life with them.
Bobby Long will ship to Europe if you call and ask him to. I can not
offer a deal as by the time I ship them here and pay duties and what not
they are well above the retail cost in the home market.
Dave Stedman
Japan4x4 (English) (Japanese)
Importers and Distributors
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