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Compass calibration



Can't say anything about the Toy compass, but Pajero's have them too.
The recommendation for calibration from the Paj club is to get a
passenger to press the button whilst the car is driven round a
roundabout twice - at a quiet time of day - job done.
You calibrate a GPS in a similar manner walking round on the same
spot - always make me giddy though, but cheaper than using G&T for
the same effect I guess ;-)
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia
The toy. system is similar. There are two ways of calibrating the
compass. One involves positioning the car in various positions and
entering data. The second is what they call circling calibration, you
press the relevant buttons and get an indication on the display, then
you have a set time to circle your roundabout, only once though. The
system tells you when calibration is complete
Regards, Clive.