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Consuming brake fluid



So far you have been given all the usual possibilities. But just one
more which I have had.
Run your hand under the master cylinder and check for leaks. It
happened to me and just crept up on me by stealth.
When a seal starts to weep it will be seen around the head of the
small stud that you will find in the centre of the cylinder plumb
underneath. Most Toys use the same part for the master cylinder so
seal kits are not too difficult to acquire. But I would strongly
advise that you don't bother to re-seal as the bores will be worn
too. Just get a replacement complete master cylinder from someone
like Milner, and bench bleed it before putting it on.
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus. (Welcome back Roman).
Thanks everybody for the replies. I will check the master cylinder for
leaks, and if that's dry(I hope it is!)I'll just top up the brake
fluid and keep a close eye on the level the next few weeks/months.
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