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Hello & some help


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Jul 26, 2023
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Hi All,
I am new to the forum firstly want to say Hello to you all and am so glade a place like this exists.

My name is Mark and I bought my Toyota Landcruiser Colorado 3-door, 1997 Model (KZJ90) back in 1997 in the UK.
I guess at the time it was a bit of a mad thing to do, it being my first car but I have enjoyed driving it ever since. ( I do not do any off road or anything.)
Still a surprise I still have it although with the ULEZ coming in who knows if I will be able to afford to keep it?.

My Question:

Somethings are starting to fail now and it is too costly for me to get fixed by a Dealer/Machanic so am attempting to fix things myself for the first time.

I just put in a new Clutch Master Cylinder which seems to be working ok if a little soft at the beginning of the peddle press ( only a little bit). I am thinking I may need to bleed it a bit more.

But my immediate problem is I just had the driver side rear shock absorber snap its top bar. I have two new gas ones from Milners which I am hope to put in myself. I just have a Jack, Bottle Jack and some stands but think I can do it.

What I do not know as I do not have any manuals anymore and probably never had a repair one is what the Torque is for the Bottom Eye bolt nut is. I assuming the top bolt will be done by hand only as I can't see you getting a Torque wrench in there.

Many thanks for any help.
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You've had a Land Cruiser for 26 years and only just joined! Must have been a trouble free journey. Anyway, welcome.

Ha, It seems to be catching up with me.

Thank you @MODVRS for that info.

Just realised they did not send the washers for the upper bushings .. grr so now have to wait for those to arrive.

Does it matter which side of the top mounting the bushing with the extra lip goes, does it go on the inside of the mounting?



I manage to stick my phone in to one of the mounts and take a shot of the nut and bolt there.
Oddly there does not appear to be an inside bushing?

I'd put the extra lip through the chassis. While you're in the area it's worth clearing out the tiny drain holes in the top mount bowl on the chassis and clearing any accumulated dirt sitting up there; it's been known for the mounting area to rust through.


The red line is where I think the chassis is, but I'm no expert.
Good advice about the drain holes. (thought that was what I was seeing in the other one)

I just called Milners about the washers , they are going to send them.

From what they told me at the top off the bar, it goes,