crack crack crack goes the windshield



I too have been here- the seal eventually goes around the screen and
gradually the leaks get worse. Silicone only works for a short while and the
only answer is a replacement seal/gasket. Problem is it can be difficult
getting the screen out without breaking it. Luckily for me my screen was
broken by a stone flying up from a Brit Volvo on the last 20 ks coming into
Calais after many thousands of miles in N Africa. Also worth remembering
that rain and leaks come down, not up...
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Morning All,
More often than not the problems with the windscreen only come in when
they have been replaced, I've not come across problems with original
I guess it is down to either poorly manufactured replacement screens or
just badly fitted. I think the only really effective way of resolving
the problem is to get the screen removed and then refitted with a good
base of sealant.
Julian Voelcker
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Cirencester, United Kingdom
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