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Craddocks summer starter.

Gav missin

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Nov 17, 2015
Anyone here considering attending this. April 1st (no it's not a wind up). Burger van and live band. Any thoughts?
Be better doing our own.
After reading what I have I wouldn't want to support it.
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Oh ok. Not aware of anything but then I keep myself to myself. Just saw it advertised last night.
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Just don't let medium Gav (James) anywhere near something with a sharp edge or wax crayons
Well Jacob I'm thinking the site you have discovered at fotheringhay would be perfect for such a meet. Would be a chance for people who have friends outside the club with cruisers or even other such 4x4 or travelling outfits to get involved. Dunno about the music side of things too much. Something to think about. Any thoughts or ideas fire away....
I'd be more than happy to get involved in that. After last time I'm sure there's scope for all kinds of things over there.
Yeah no thanks. Has anyone seen the new camping format and pricing for the AO funfair this spring? That should keep those marshalls busy.
If its the same Craddock who did oil changes on my car, I won't go there. Each time I look at the oil leaks from their oil changes I think I should not have gone there. :)
I was wondering that too Raj, when the thread started.
If it is the same, maybe they are diversifying to compensate for poor performance.

Getting the oil stains out of a tent ain't easy though !
There is also a competition on at Walters arena on the first of April