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Croatia Holiday 15-24 July



Hi all !

following my last communication regarding this holiday my wife and I are doing, I have received a couple of emails from some of you.

I've been back in contact with World 4x4 adventures and asked them the questions below. I've also given their answers too.


1. How set in stone are your dates? Time off from work for my wife and I has to be booked well in advance and I don't want to book the time off only to find our intended tour dates has changed.2. How difficult is the offroading? Looking at your pictures most of it would appear to be able to be done in 2WD with sufficient ground clearance instead of 4wd. Is this actually the case?3. I have contacts in a number of different clubs in the UK. In order to obtain a 'club discount' would all 6 vehicles have to come from the same club or can they come from a number of different clubs so long as 6 vehicles turn up?4. If you have relatively experienced 4x4 individuals and they wanted one day of more challenging offroad exploration, would you be able to make that a part of your tour if you were given enough notice?

Their Answers:
1. Dates are set. As soon as one person pays a deposit then I won't change them.2. All the A to B routes are pretty easy, but they are still prettyepic routes. But there are some routes that I always say are optional which will require a lot of effort to get through. There's a waterfall, that's dry in the summer, which is about a kilometer long.Takes three hours down and took five hours up last time. There's the ski slope, which is an almost blind drive up the back of because it's so over grown and then straight off the other side. Plus there's literally hundreds of little tracks that lead off places that i've never explored. There are also three or four little routes I have found here and there that make interesting little detours...I guess I just answered 4. And i don't need notice, just a plan to make surethat if there's a group going to split off to do something different everyone is happy about it. Generally i will stay with the less experienced group which is normally the one that doesn't go for the harder stuff.3. Any 6 vehicles together. I give the discount because with 6 vehicles the tour is fully booked with one group that is generally happy to do the same thing all the time. This is much, much easier than trying to balance the needs of six pairs of people who have never met before.

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