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Custom Gav plate for the 80


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Feb 24, 2010
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As some of you may know I remodelled my Gav plate on the top of a large bank. Whilst I had the plate off today to change the CD seals, I remodelled it back again with a sledgehammer and a pair of earmuffs. An old deaf lady in the next village did make a complaint though.

Looking at the leg, quite a bit of the remodelling occurred there, not just in the plate itself. So I stuck an extra brace in there like this.


The plate does flex a bit and I know that Gav has been experimenting with some discarded Chobam armour off a Challenger tank. I think that there is a possibility to put in a small second leg coming off one of the Tcase bolts. There is a little metal deflector plate held on with 3 x 8mm bolts that do nothing else. This could be semi sacrificial rather than made out of girders. The plate can actually twist under impact which allows it to distort. I don't think it will take much to stop that twist.

Quick update on this one. After a weekend of extensive testing (battering) the Gav plate remains resolute. Other than evidence of previous twistage and some moderate gnarling the addition of the simple corner brace does seem to have dramatically increased its official bash rating. :thumbup:

Proper plated we are now. Evidence of scouring to the other areas of body protection are significant. Even some of the indestructible powder coating on the sliders has been ground off. I keep thinking about those narrow gates in the Lakes. :shock:

Nice work Chris - I shall have to look at adding that brace to any future ones that folk might want :cool:
It's a bash plate to protect the rear end of the t/case on an 80. It mounts on the o/s chassis rail and the gear-box cross-member.
Having collected my new Gav bash plate, thank you Steve, I am keen to fit it and am not 100% sure how it goes. Could anyone who has one fitted give a clear description and do i need to remove the current fibreglass/plastic cover/protection that is there currently fitted by the factory. Thanks
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Really Warren, a man of your experience? There are three holes in the front of the plate, These bolt to the centre cross member that supports the gearbox and the arm clamps round the chassis. It only protects the transfer box. There aren't any factory guards under that. Oh, maybe a little tin tray? I can't remember. It's been so long.
I know I am being a bit lazy but with the movers arriving Tuesday to pack up the house time is precious and don't want a 10min job turning into half an hour. But yes you are right i am being lazy so i appreciate your time to answer.
Not at all Warren. I used dome headed bolts on mine so that they wouldn't catch on stuff. I seem to recall they were quite small. Probably only 6mm. I found two of the bolt holes had something snapped off in them and had to drill them out to start with.
If you search for the original thread there's acouple of photos showing the plate that comes off Warren :)