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Cut wires on bumper driving / fog lights (failed RWC) - How to fix?


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Nov 22, 2020
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Hi Everyone,
I've just recently purchased a 2002 Landcruiser 100 series and loving it. I unfortunately discovered that the front driving / fog lights in the bumper aren't working.
I undid the front lens and found several problems:
1) Two of four wires on the lights have been cut and I'm unsure where the wires originally connected
2) The seal to the lights is ruined
3) The housing where the lights plug into seems corroded
My guess is that water entered the lights over time and eventually shorted out. I'm also guessing that rather than fixing the problem (new lights?), someone decided to cut some of the wires to the lights and not worry about it.

My questions are this:
1) What are these lights even for? Fog lights? Driving lights? Something else??
2) Can the lights be replaced with aftermarket fog lights that only have one bulb instead of two? Would this affect RWC?
3) If I have to stick with stock type lights (two light bulbs per housing, with half clear and half orange), any idea how this needs to be wired?
4) If I have to stick with stock type lights, any suggestions where to buy them cheap?

Thanks for your help everyone!


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Those lights look like aftermarket, in an aftermarket bumper? Looks to me like whoever added those lights just didn't connect all the wires, rather than them being cut. Normally there's just a fog light and 2 wires.
Thanks so much for this- the bull bar is stock, so that makes me think that the lights are aftermarket. Great to know that stock lights should be fog lights with two wires. This means I don't have to chase up two mystery wires going to nowhere :) Thanks heaps!
"Stock" bull bar is an interesting definition!

I'd work out if it's TJM, ARB or Ironman (Possibly ECB if it's an alloy bar) and see what they have that is the same dimensions, and then go from there. Narva or similar will have some slot in replacements in LED or filament, so have a hunt around a bit.

In terms of RWC, if the bar obscures the side lights or the indicators from view, then they need to have working replacements in the bar.

Any Aussie vehicle is unlikely to have fog lights, but there sometimes is an aftermarket switch hiding somewhere that will control them.
Thanks for your response Paddler Ed. I should have said stock bumper (and bull bar I guess?) as the bull bar has the toyota logo on it.
I'll look to see if the bull bar obstructs the lights and go from there. Thanks again for your help :)
I know the ones you mean, I'll keep an eye out for one locally and see what I can see.
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So.... crossed the road with pizza from the takeaway shop (where the last post was writtend whilst waiting on said pizza) and saw a 100 series.... with an alloy bar that looked like it was going to be close.

Is it this style:

(I also found the Toyota Part number which I think is PZQ2960211 - matches the aftermarket/Australian sourced part numbers I've found in the past)

Or this style:

If the second, then it's a lot easier as those are fairly common dimensions, and are definitley side lights and indicators. The first one is a bit trickier.

LED Autolamps are nice (pricier, but definitely legal):
Some of those options will work (-AW suffix) and have a look in the 200, 235 and 280 series.
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Thanks so much Paddler Ed, this is great. I think it's closer to the second one, but only slightly different. Actually, I think it's a 105 series I've got (only just bought it) but don't know if that makes any difference.
I'll attach a photo of the cruiser here.
Also, if it's closer to the second photo you've taken, that would mean I'd have to chase up how to wire the lights as there is only one set of wires per light and not two per light.
I tried to find some lights similar on eBay but couldn't find anything close enough..


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That's easier - you've got parking/side lights and indicators.

Two options, and it depends on the VIC RWC inspector and the interpretation of the rules, but you might be able to just drop an indicator unit in which would remove the "there's a light there that isn't working" problem. Alternatively, you just need to take a switched feed off of the side lights so the other light illuminates.

WIth the switched feed, you may find that it's a negatively switched feed (Toyota's often are)
Thanks heaps for that. Can I ask what you mean by "indicator unit"? I'm having trouble finding anything on eBay that is even close to the measurements.
Also, I called a local toyota dealer today and the parts rep said the bull bar shouldn't have any lights and should have come from the factory with plastic covers that go over the hole in the bumper bar.
I asked the dealer what could be available as a direct fit, and he said if anything was to be fit, it would be fog lights.
This seems confusing as the lights I've seen in other cruisers appear to have the dual lights on each side (white and amber lights).
I suppose the easiest thing would be to remove defective lights and tell the roc inspector that the car didn't come with lights from the factory. Don't know if they'd fail the RWC with gaping holes where the lights were. Dealer quoted me something like $115 per side to blank out the holes in the bumper bar. Crazy...
What do you think?
By indicator unit, I mean soley the yellow part; my 80 only has that:

I reckon that these would be pretty close for a two function unit; unfortunately the wife has just driven off in the 80 so I can't see what sort of size these ones are.

Just doing a quick ebay search, this is what I came up with:

The ones from Revolution are quite nice as well:

I'd meausure up the existing unit, and then see what the screw spacings are and use that to sort out what is going to work. Worst case, go to a fab shop and get a mounting bracket made up to take some that are a different size.

Hope that all helps,