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Finally Outstanding Integrated Driving Lights for the J200


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Nov 20, 2022
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LazerLamps UK has produced a set of high quality driving lights which can be integrated into the J200 grill thus eliminating exposure to damage caused by accessory lights that extend beyond the body. The kit is not currently stocked in the USA because the distributor Triple R did not think there was a market for them. I spoke with Mac at Triple R and explained to him that J200 owners could really use a product like this and encouraged him to bring some over the pond. I'd encourage interested J200 ownvers to contact Mac.
The Kit will fit 2015-2021 J200 Toyota Land Cruisers and can be seen on LazerLamps website here: LazerLamp Toyota J200 Driving Light Kit
Triple R USA Distribution can be reached by filling out their contact form here: Triple R Contact Form
Triple R also carries a variety of high quality accessories.
Disclaimer: Other than searching for a drop dead excellent set of driving lights for over a year I have no financial interest in Triple R or LazerLamps.
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Seems a bit of a strange decision for a UK company to start production from 2015 model year, Toyota stopped selling the 200 in the UK in 2015. Would be nice if they catered for the earlier models also.
Perseverance has led to an alternate solution for the expensive grill altering LazerLamp option I described above. Here in the US an off road specialty chain called 4 Wheel Parts carries a light bar line called ProComp which has a limited lifetime warranty. Their 20" single row light bar uses Osram LEDs. It is a combination of flood, 4 on each end and dead center, and spot, 4 on each side of the center floods, which spread the light well. The lightbar is as perfect a fit as one could ask for in the LC. And at $119.95 very affordable. The only alteration necessary was to create a slot in the mounting bracket instead of the round hole which allows lightbar vertical adjustment so that maximal advantage can be taken of the 1 3/8 inch opening in the bottom of the grill. The results are a vast improvement in the poor high beams of the recent vintage LC sealed LED high beam headlights.



I was pleasantly surprised by how much light the 20" lightbar threw out there, especially with it being hidden behind the grill. Certainly adequate for highway when can get away with it. And much better than the anemic sealed LED high beams Toyota puts into the US trucks.
This light set from LazerLamps is at 606£ but the ProComp from The US specialist is at 119£ and also fits existing UK models (pre-2015). Lighting from US model looks like more than sufficient.
Why is LazerLamps one so much more expensive?
Just trying to understand what more are we getting for the money?
So far I never used my high beam for actual driving. I used them few times only to check how much more light we get.
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Reply for Raj,
I agree the price of the LazerLamps in euros was high which along with alteration of the grill made them less desirable. The ProComp 20” light bar price is $119 inUSD making it both more affordable and with adequate lumen output ~8900 quite sufficient.
As to amount of light needed, strictly an individual multifaceted choice.
Happy to learn your needs are met by the OEM equipment.
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strictly an individual multifaceted choice.
Many times my friends ask me why I am not using high beam. My only concern is that if I get used to more lighting/comfortable driving, it ll be difficult to get back to less favourable conditions. This is the only reason I am not using high beam. Lights are on my list of fav safety gadgets to add for my LC.

10 years ago I used to drive an old Toyota Avensis on pitch dark roads with a fraction of lightning I have on my cars now. It’s difficult for me to now go back to Avensis again but in many parts of the world people are capable of driving in that low light . This is where I am bit confused to go up or get used to what I have
I think more than "people are capable of driving in that low light", it's a case of your and other road users safety.

We're all probably capable of pottering around in semi dark conditions but would make much more swift and efficient progress with effective lights, not to mention it makes night driving less stressful.
Living in the countryside, the sooner the person in dark clothing who (either by choice or necessity), is walking on a dark rainy night is spotted the better. Good LEDs can be a like saver. Anyone who can remember cars with 6 volt electrics, slightly iffy drum brakes (rod operated in some cases) could probably tell a tale of near misses at night.
Seems a bit of a strange decision for a UK company to start production from 2015 model year, Toyota stopped selling the 200 in the UK in 2015. Would be nice if they catered for the earlier models also.
Lazer do offer a replacement grille option for the J7 and I’ve also seen one on a MAN (VW Crafter) van. Their individual lights are expensive so no idea what the grill will set you back.