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[Cv Seal]



John C
If your test is next week I would pressure wash your axle's very carefully
before your test I know that it should really be put right but that is what
I did for my MOT and mine are pouring out and the seals have supposedly been
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Hi Guys
I just noticed a leak from the left seal on the axel at the front, this one
had a new CV joint put in about 1 and a half yesrs ago. Its not much yet but
still enough to leave a drip on the drive way and is fairly covering the
inside wall of the tyre. It looks more like oil than grease and is quite
black in colour. I only had this replaced about 1 and a half years ago and
now it seem to be going again. So I know you are all waiting for the
questions well here they are.
How long before it dries out, if it will at all,
Would this be a reason for failing the NCT test next week,
Whats involved in replacing the seal, Could it be done by yours truly or
should I make an appointment with the cruiser doctor.
Any thoughts on this anoying thing.
Thanks Guys
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
Hi anthony
Thanks for your reply, you are cheeky and thats what I was thinking cause by
the time Toyota get the seal in then try to fit me in their workshop the
test will be over and done with. How much fluid is in there and can you top
it up, or do you have to take every thing apart starting with the wheel of
course. There is a filler knob on the top is that where you could put some
more fluid in or is this stuff from aroung the wheel bearing and the CV
John C 92HDJ 80 !HDT Ireland
Hy John,
Sounds from your description that the inner drive shaft oil seal has failed.
This would allow the diff. oil, E.P.90 or similar to enter the Cv housing
and dilute the graphite grease causing the symptoms you describe.
This can be caused by the axle breather becoming blocked and pressure
building up in the axle casing, forcing the oil past the seal.
It will continue to run out for a long time if not fixed, as you are
actually loosing diff. oil together with Cv grease.
Check the level of the oil in the diff.
The danger is that the graphite grease in the Cv has become diluted and
will not supply adequate protection for the Cv.joint.
Whatever the cause, seal failure or blocked breather, the Cv joint will
need to be re-packed with graphite grease, and this can only be done by
removing the wheel and hub/ brake disc assy. and also the Cv and drive shaft
assy to inspect the inner seal.
The proceedure is streightforward spannering, but can be a little daunting
if you have never done it before.
I don't know the extent of your mechanical knowledge John, so I could not
advise you whether or not to do it yourself.
In view of your impending N.C.T. Anthony gives some good advice, but the
problem needs to be addressed in the not too distant future (read very soon)
if you wish to avoid major expense (new Cv,)
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I hope this helps.
Co. Mayo Ireland.
1982 FJ40 Aussie Spec. 'Swagman'
1997 80 Series 1HD FT. 'Abe'