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Devils Pit


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Feb 25, 2010
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Anyone been to it?

Devils Pit

It's in Barton- Le-Clay, Bedfordshire, close to Luton so not a million miles away from me. Pay and play £26 per day.... Want to try this out at some point :twisted:
Looks like fun - I presume the 120 is NOT going to this? :lol:

Could be up Ian's street, or maybe Jon's old 80 :shock:
The website said:
The Black course is dangerous and should only be attempted by vehicles fitted with a Full Roll cage and Harness seat belts; everyone MUST wear a crash helmet on the Black tracks (vehicles not suitable will be removed from the Black tracks!).
Well no not the 120.... SWMBO will not see the funny side at all :lol:

I know Chris was looking at a option for a roll cage for Lil Blue, so maybe one day the black tracks will be a option.