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Diesel consumption



Jake wrote...
You LC 80 drivers, what's your fuel consumption like? I wouldn't be
surprised if, even with the bigger engines, your fuel consumption is
Jake sorry to say that you have one dog of an engine there especially if
you have a LWB. The larger but non-turbo 2.8 was just as bad. Find a
breaker's 3L turbo and then watch the thing fly. Have had 3L Prado's in a
fleet and that engine is a peach, even better than my 6 cylinder for punch.
(Plenty of 3L's from 4Runners at my local breakers :-D)
Anyway fuel consumption. My worst has been 14.31 L/100km (19.74mpg) on one
tankful, running around the city with a cold engine all the time and mostly
in 4WD - yes in the city the snow does not get cleared well and the ice on
roads is not treated. Also need low ratio 4WD to creep safely down some of
the mountainside roads in the city.
My best has been - and very few believe this - 7.28L/100 (38.8mpg) on a
soft right footed drive across autobahn Europe. Amazing but true.
A tankful 2 weeks ago on long trips in 4WD more-or-less all the time was
10.07L/100 (28.05mpg)
An average in normal varied weather with occasional 4WD, asphalt and rock
roads will be 9.12L/100km (31.25mpg).
All these are 70L plus tankfuls. I rarely ever fill with less than that and
it gives me a good average on which I can work out the consumption, usually
a couple of long trips and several 3 km ones to and from the office and
supermarket etc . (I keep the spare tank about a quarter full just in case).
Remember this is with a 12 valve basic HZJ engine with no extra bits and
pieces, manual box and part-time 4WD with FWH used as often as possible (I
am from a traditional Scots family ;-) ).
And Julian is right, watch-out for low sulphur fuel. If your handbook does
not specifically state that you can use it, then avoid it like the plague
if at all possible. We have had problems with injector pumps, though out
here we can never tell what the hell we are putting in the tank except that
it smells like the right stuff. We have - allegedly - low sulphur or 'Eko'
diesel but I never use it. I always use 'D2', the rough stuff trucks use,
in the belief that it must be less refined therefore full of sulphur and
lubricity of some sort or another. But no matter what it is I always use a
bottle of additive of whatever make, though usually from supermarkets here
one buys one USA product or another. And the cost is minimal. At times I
can certainly feel the difference it makes, let alone the perception that
its good for the pump too.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia
Diesel consumption, additives and low sulpher.

I read with interest your comment on the low sulpher diesel. I have been
using this low sulpher diesel for a good while now made by Shell. I thought
that it would be better for the engine and the environment as well. I first
used it when the cruiser was going for its bi annual test two years ago
which is very strict.
I thought the low sulpher fuel would give out less emmisions for this test
and then used it since then. It is also cheaper than other garages by about
10c a litre.
What is the sulpher for in the diesel and why do some take it out and others
leave it in..
My cruiser is again going for its test next month have you or any body else
any tips to prepare it.
I read some where that if you put too much oil in the engine that this
access oil will be burnt along with the fuel and can increase emmisions, is
this true.
Should I put an additive in the fuel tank at every fill or just now and
What should I look for in these additives and what should I avoid.
Thanks in advance
John c
92 HDJ 80 Ireland
window motors and chat (rant)

Hi guys
I know we have had a discussion on the lack of power and the problems with
the electric windows in the 80s. As the weather gets colder my windows are
getting worse. I would like to know if any one knows if it is possible to
get more powerful motors for these windows because they are driving me mad
again this year.
I tried a couple of dealers here but they just keep refering me back to the
toyota dealer as usual. It seems that nobody wants to or can supply parts
for my cruiser here other than the main dealer, and you know their prices.
I may have to get an exhaust for my cruiser and guess what all the exhaust
places hadent even got the 80 on their list so could not even give a quote.
So again I will have to go to the main toyota dealer.YAHOO
I put a new thermostat in a couple of weeks ago and had to get it preordered
from the main toyota dealer because all the other motor factors dident even
have it on their lists. This really p---s me off some times.
I got the cv joint on the left side done last year after it let me down up
the mountains totally with out warning while on a day trip with my kids and
a neighbours kid too. We were about fours waiting for a truck to carry the
cruiser back home, and then it took another three and a half hours to get
back home late, what a nice day trip.
It got to such a point with the cruiser with all the other things that went
wrong with it aswell as not being able to trust it to go out in that seting
a match to it was an idea. It was like a giant sponge soaking all of the
money out of me
One minute I was driving into a car park and the next I was stuck in the
middle of this narrow road blocking all the traffic after reversing out off
the car park space. There was no warning at all no clicking of any sort or
any other different sound or feeling any where, just failed and left me
high and dry literally.
The cost for this was ?650 for the cv joint alone.
Then theres the time when the big end bearing went again with out warning
and left me stuck on the road. Then the injectot pump went on me when I was
in the outer lane of a motor way again with out warning and left me with
out power.
I often ask myself what the hell am I doing with this cruiser but then a
little voice in my head says you love it John dont you and you waited so
long for it. But now I cant even put my windows down bacause I cant get them
up again what crap if you cant even depend on a simple little thing like
opening your windows when you need to, or even having the choice to open
them when you want to just for the sake of being able to do it.
Some times I would just like to get the whole cruiser stripped doen part by
part by some one who knows the cruiser and would have the patience to let
me watch and learn so I know the job is being done properly and could do
some work on it my self, alas this is not the case. Any advice would as
usual be very appritiated from the people who know what I do not.
If I p--- people off a little or maybe a lot from time to time asking
questions appoligies to all. Its just all the little things that you guys
take for granted about your cruisers is new to me and I want to learn for
my sanity.
John c
92 HDJ 80 Ireland
Hi Ian,
From memory the problem is as follows:
Additives used to be added to diesel to counter the sulphur smells and
these additives used to cause the rubber seals to expand, so old seals
used to be designed to work on that basis.
Nowadays they don't need the additives because they have found a way of
reducing the sulphur levels, so using low sulphur diesel causes the seals
to shrink which can result in leakage.
Modern seals don't suffer from this problem, but I don't know when the cut
off point was. As with the big end problems, it doesn't affect every
vehicle over a certain age, only an unlucky few.
As far as I am aware there isn't an additive that can be used to counter
the problem.
If you have fuel leaks from the injector pumps it is possible for you to
replace the seals yourself, although the fiddly bit seems to be getting
the pump out.
Professional injection shops can charge a lot for it, but you have the
advantage that they can check the condition of the pump whilst they are at
it and replace any worn parts, although make sure that they use Denso
seals (although some say Bosch will work OK) and that they have worked on
LC pumps before.
A side note on fuel additives - talking to local injection specialists he
says that some of the fuel additives for cleaning injectors is all well
and good, but they never do the job properly and you ideally need to use
the additive with every tank, running it through every so often just isn't
I note that some on the list (Jon, Gareth??) Regularly use additives, I
would be interested to know what they use and why.
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift, ARB
I'm wondering as well which fuel stations I can buy the normal non-low
sulphur diesel from. I'd like to try anything to get the consumption
down! Also, any examples of favorite additives to put in (every time I
fill up).
Oh, and my crappy fuel consumption is achieved by driving into london
a bout 3 times a week (from Wycombe, South Bucks) and also commuting
about 6 miles to work and back in the evening.
Another question (from a newbie mind you): These turbo diesel
engines... how long am I supposed to warm it up before hitting the
road in the morning? I normally only let it idle for about a minute or
two. Is this enough?
Thanks all!
Why have a mind if you can't change it?
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It really depends on the type of driving.
The 80 series TDs are very slow to warm up due to the fixed fan - mine
can take over 10mins to warm up on a frosty morning and that is with the
revs raised using the hand throttle.
The key things are to have a good oil in the engine and to take it
steady when you start off.
Also, more importantly, if you have been on a fast run or have been
under heavy load, leave the engine idling for a minute or two to let the
turbo temps drop a bit.
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift, ARB
If you read the handbook, iy tells you not to let the vehicle idle on
startup. As soon as it runs evenly drive off.
Regards, Clive.
On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 15:00:13 GMT, Julian Voelcker
<[Email address removed]> wrote:
Thanks Clive
That is interesting. I don't have the handbook (it was in Japanese
anyway and the last owner binned it), but if the handbook says no
idling at startup, this might save a few pennies in diesel money I
On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 18:42:49 +0000, Clive Marks <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Why have a mind if you can't change it?