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Diesels oil



Hi Guy's
In the recent survey of oil types and uses I saw the mention of Castrol
GTD, in NZ that does not even exist our choices are
Tection Max 15W40
Enduron Euro 4 10W40
RX Super 15W40.
So I thought I would have a look at Castrol UK's web site and see what
was available and got
Edge turbo diesel 0W30
Edge turbo diesel 5W40
GTD Magnatec 5W40
GTD Magnatec 10W40
GTD plus 10W40,
GTD 15W40
Elixion 0W30,
Enduron plus 5W40
Enduron low SAPS 10W40
Enduron 10W40
Tection 15W40
Assuron max 15W40
Assuron T plus 10W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W
As you can see just looking at Castrols oils you guy's are spoilt for
I know it is wandering off topic a little but please indulge me, of the
guy's (implies gals too) who have other diesel vehicles what oils are
being used in them especially if still within the warranty period. What
spec or oil does the owners manual specify.
My mother just recently bought a new Fiat Punto diesel and it runs from
the factory Selenia WR 5W40 (when I read the spec sheet based on the
limited data given) it appears to be a very high quality synthetic oil
that is very shear stable and probably heavily doped with long drain
additives as the service interval is 30,000km (18,500 miles). I asked
the dealer what oil they would use in it when it was serviced, they
replied @!#[email protected]#%$!$ to which I said but that oil company does not make
any oil sold in NZ that is remotely similar to that selenia oils spec.
He then said but the oil company said it is OK. To which I stated that
maybe their point of view but they still do not have anything and they
do not make anything that is formulated to handle the abuse that engine
will dish out to the oil over a 30,000km period. The synthetic base
stock and additive package has to be very carefully balanced to maintain
good protection for that time frame. It is achievable but not with a
mineral oil intended for US engine and 5000km drains. It will NOT cause
a catastrophic engine failure but it WILL cause a premature wear failure
that will more than likely be outside the warranty period. So if you
were being cynical you could say planned obsolescence. I try to think
that is not the case otherwise Fiat would not specify Selenia in the
first place I am not blaming the dealer he is not a lubricant expert.
The oil company can't help itself it is not going to say to it's client
sorry we actually don't make oil for that application (well I am yet to
see that happen) you better go and see ##$%% as they do make oil for
that job.
Peugeots and Citroens commonly use synthetic Total oils as a factory
fill not here.
According to BMW NZ, BMW diesels do not require diesel oil (I will never
buy one used after that statement) any full synthetic petrol oil is fine.
We only have the D4D Toyota as the 3.0L in the hilux no others.
Please comment away and if you want to take it off list, which maybe
more appropriate your call Julian, please do so. If I end up being
swamped with replies don't expect a reply too quickly.
Who has a interest in tribology that has the nasty habit of getting him
into trouble sometimes.